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  • The pleasures of leisure

    The pleasures of leisure

    An empty mind is a devil’s workshop is often heard from advocates of the virtues of hard work. They believe that sitting idle is dangerous and only evil minded people sit idle. The consequence of such idleness is believed to be harmful for the individual and for the people around him. In fact most virtuous people send strong vibes of dislike towards persons who sit free, doing nothing.

    I too was brought up on this cliché and till lately believed all that was preached.… continue reading

  • When a Chinese request perplexed Indian officials

    When a Chinese request perplexed Indian officials

    India did not have a tradition of recording history. There is not much we know about major events in India’s past or about the times and lives of great persons except what has come down to us through folklore or from the writings of foreign visitors and pilgrims.

    For instance, we do not know with authenticity when and where India’s greatest poet and playwright, Kalidasa, was born, where he studied, what was his life like, or whether he was married and had children.… continue reading

  • Breaking ice in a new class

    Breaking ice in a new class

    The beginning of every term in school creates a heightened sense of inner excitement for the students as well as the faculty. It is desired to plan well in advance and especially train oneself for ice breakers as teachers need to gel well with the students before the beginning of any formal lesson. The ultimate aim of the teacher is to teach the subject in a manner that is productive and useful. Age appropriate support aids are required to make the learning a fun experience.… continue reading

  • Veggie Egg Fried Rice

    Veggie Egg Fried Rice

    Eggs! Children love them, and besides giving them hard boiled, poached, or scrambled, why not try this interesting fried rice, full of colourful veggies and protein rich egg. Eggs as we know are important in strengthening bones, for hair growth, worn out cell repair and in hiking up the metabolism level of the body. Children these days, need this vital supplement to keep them active in their daily activities and keeps their energy levels perked up.… continue reading

  • The importance of bonding in a team

    The importance of bonding in a team

    Growth is the most interesting part of childhood. With so much of opportunity to explore, create and re-discover, the early years of a child is full of surprises. While it easy to work alone and find a particular solution at a board game or an outdoor session, children of today must be taught early to work as a team. Today’s world is full of competition but the knowledge earned and learnt with the help of team work is something that works out as a skill in the later years.… continue reading

  • Interview: Pandit Channulal Mishra

    Interview: Pandit Channulal Mishra

    Pandit Channulal Mishra explains in his own inimitable style the sanctity of the teacher student relationship and what ails the education system today. Watch this interesting and engaging video.

    continue reading

  • Games the tribal children play

    Games the tribal children play

    Children love to play. The children in primitive, tribal areas are no exception. The plays and games of the tribal children are not means of mere entertainment; these hone up their skills for survival under not so hospitable surroundings and, also, emphasise the affinity the tribal communities feel with the nature.

    Sometimes the tribals, for instance, encounter a predator walking into their village to snatch their goat away to eat it. The tribals try to shoo away, overpower or kill the predator to save the goat — or suffer defeat and watch the goat being taken away and devoured.… continue reading

  • A-C-P at our Homes and Schools

    A-C-P at our Homes and Schools

    I am basically far from the maddening crowd, kind of person and would love to sit atop a tree or a terrace and muse over the aam admi on the street. Contrarily, am circumstantially blessed to have my quarters surrounded by temples. Yes, the four of clock temple bells are my alarm ( I dare not call it the alarm),  wake me up in the morning and the evening air is rendered pious by the sandhya aarti.… continue reading

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  • Teaching children about charity

    Teaching children about charity

    ‘Charity begins at home’ – is such a true concept. In today’s changing environment, there is so much to learn or rather unlearn. Parents act as role models while shaping their children’s future. Kids learn and often imitate their parents’ behavior. Many lessons have been learnt in child hood about sharing. Here the child learns to share and effectively displays his need to care. But when it comes to charity it often has a larger meaning.… continue reading